Performance of Thermal links

Functioning Temperature

We measured the temperature at which the samples functioned, when we put thermal links in constant-temperature bath stilly and raised the temperature of the bath at predetermined rate. As the results are shown at Chart 2, in the ideal condition at which the samples are heated slowly, there is little variation of functioning temperature and the high accuracy had been secured.

Chart 2
Example of functioning temperature of axial type

Response time

We showed the referential data of response time of thermal links as Fig. 2. We measured how long it took for the samples to function after putting them into silicon oil which was kept at predetermined temp. The result showed that the samples functioned after around 10 seconds at the temperature which slightly exceeded their functioning temperature.

Fig. 2 Response time
Example Response Time Axial Type

Aging Test

The test result showed how the thermal links deteriorated when they were exposed to high temperature for a long time.

As the Fig. 3 showed, the functioning temperatures of the samples were stable.

Fig. 3 Aging Test
Example Aging Test Data Axial Type