Technology Trends

To reflect safety-oriented requirement in the world, there is a demand of thermal links, which can be used in various applications now.

In addition to existing demand such as high current capacity or a variety of functioning temperature, there are diverse demands like an easy assembling shape in the production process or current fuse function in the electrical performance.

For example, there is an application for overcharge protection module of high capacity rechargeable battery, which is used for mobile phone and notebook PC, such as lithium ion battery and nickel hydride battery. These batteries have fate to be higher capacity and smaller size, so the requirement for thermal links is not only the electrical performance but also the shape which is adjusted to the mounting space and method. As the solution to this requirement, we developed the ultra small type (6 series) thermal links, ultra thin type thermal links, below 0.85 mm in thickness, and thermoprotector with resistor ( EC series) for overheat protection of FET in protection circuit module of battery pack (Pic. 3).

Picture 3 thermal links for protection of lithium ion rechargeable battery
T series

EC series

Meanwhile, we developed thermal links / resistor assemblies, mounting thermal links and one or more resistor elements on the same ceramic substrate and molding them by resin. The products has been used for overheat protection of heater element of electric blanket. (Pic. 4)

From now, safety of electric products will be required more strictly; and the design from a viewpoint of accident prevention in advance will become one of the most important points.

The opportunity, at which thermal links is used in combination with other safety device such as surge protect element, over voltage or over current element, is expected to increase. So thermal links which can match up with their characteristics and can maintain its performance for a long time is required.

Picture 4 thermal links / resistor assemblies