BZ07 (Caution to be observed when installing)

1. Cautions to be observed in handling BZ07

a) Do not apply tensile stress exceeding the force in Table 1to the lead terminals for installation. The stress exceeding the force may cause damage to BZ07.

Table1 BZ07 Terminal maximum tensile force

Maximum tensile force

22.2 N

b) Do not bend or twist lead terminals of BZ07. Do not pull or push the lead terminals at an angle other than the original direction from the body. Pulling or pushing may cause damage.

c) Do not apply excessive force on the body of BZ07. That may cause damage.

d) For fixing BZ07 after connecting, be careful not to apply excessive force which damage, push and pull the body and lead terminal of BZ07.

2. Cautions to be observed in installing BZ07

Be sure to connect BZ07 with screw and its appropriate tightening torque. The recommended torque with M5 screw is 3.0N・m. If the torque exceeds the appropriate tightening torque, that may cause the disconnection and result in the characteristic deterioration. If the torque is small, that may cause the loose screw, the rising of resistance value at connection part, the abnormal heating at current application, and result in malfunction of BZ07. Check the connecting state, such as by measuring the resistance value after connecting. In addition, an appropriate loosening prevention treatment shall be recommended.