BZ05 (Other caution)

1. Cautions to be observed for storage and transportation

a) Store BZ05 at free from quick temperature change, direct sun, vibration and/or impact with ambient temperature 5 to 35℃and RH 30 to 75% . Opening-shelf life under the above storage conditions is one year after the delivery.

b) Handle BZ05 with care. Do not apply strong shock and vibration.

c) Transport BZ05 at lower than 60℃, avoiding direct sunlight.

2. Cautions to be observed for quality control

a) Implement incoming inspection for BZ05 to check damage during transportation.

b) Measuring electric resistance value with a low ohm meter in addition to appearance inspection is recommended for checking damage during transportation, influence by the screw fixing.

3. Others

a) Do not use BZ05 in liquids, direct sunlight coming place, or corrosive gas atmosphere. Make sure that it does not become wet with condensation or others. Under above environment, BZ05 may not function properly due to the deterioration of characteristic and material.

b) Do not use BZ05 in aeronautical equipment, life-support equipment or nuclear power equipment.

c) BZ05 is not repairable.

d) When you reuse equipment by replacing a fusing-off BZ05, replace it at your own risk, making sure that following items are fulfilled.

・Replace it with the same part number of BZ05.
・Install it with the same method.
・The cause of the fusing-off is clear and eliminated completely.
・The characteristic of the equipment in which BZ05 is installed does not change.

4. Important caution

It is necessary to choose BZ05 with the best suitable resistance value for the purpose in order to perform well. You are asked to decide the resistance value and check the circuit design by your testing with BZ05 installed in the end product.

Moreover check the performance not only at the normal state, but also the fusing-off at the abnormal state.