Environmental Philosophy


Uchihashi Estec Co. ,Ltd. recognize the significance of the environmental protection, and are committed to preserving and improving the regional and the global environment through our business operations.


Uchihashi Estec Co.,Ltd. sets following “Environmental Policy” and is committed to prevention of pollution, while we do our business operations related to development, design, production of thermal-links, solder, flux and other applied products.

  1. We endeavor to establish the manufacturing system which has less negative environmental impact
  2. We endeavor to save resource, save energy, and reduce wastes.
  3. With regard to our environment aspect, we comply with environmental laws and regulations as well as other requirements that we are committed to observing.
    Especially we endeavor to meet the requirements related to the use and content of customer designated material , which belong to other requirement items.
  4. We set our environmental objective and goal, review them on a regular basis, improve our environmental management system continuously.
    We provide all of our employees with education and training activities so that they can be aware of this environmental policy.
    We make a public announcement about this environmental policy.

Uchihashi Estec Co., Ltd.
Akimitsu Fujii, PresidentOctober 1, 2018