Quality philosophy


We, Uchihashi Estec Co., Ltd., will, under the philosophy of "Quality is Confidence", have a consciousness that stable quality is the basic point of confidence in our company, and try to fulfill the customer's satisfaction. Based on this philosophy, we set the quality policy as follows.

Quality Policy

  1. We will pursue our quality for safety to contribute to social safety and security.
    • We will consider our quality from a customer-oriented view point.
    • We will brush up our technology to improve the quality.
    • We will aim at developing original products with safer, higher quality.
  2. To achieve this quality policy, we will set our quality target, review it regularly and improve the effectiveness of quality management system continuously.
  3. We will provide all of our employees with education and training activities so that they can be aware of this quality policy.

Uchihashi Estec Co., Ltd.
Akimitsu Fujii, President
October 1, 2018