Caution about the counterfeits

Notice to all valued customers,Caution about the counterfeits of Uchihashi Estec's/ Elcut Thermal-links

First, we’d like to express our gratitude for your kind and continuous patronage of our products.

Please be cautioned that we have recently found counterfeit Thermal-links products disguised as the original ELCUT thermal-links in the market. The counterfeit dealers have also camouflaged themselves to look like our official distributors. We have also found that the dealers issue fake certificates of our official distributors. We are working to reinforce countermeasures against this issue, and have already contacted the Chinese Administration office, which have since found and punished some of the companies involved.

The counterfeits being distributed have not met Safety Standards, and have been shown to not function properly within the specific temperature ranges. In a worst-case scenario, there is a possibility that the counterfeits will not function and will not prevent over-heating accidents of devices or components installed with these links. This can cause damage to the appliance and can also damage the reputation of the reliable product. Moreover, please know that Uchihashi Estec Co., Ltd will not take any responsibility for any accidents, injuries, or damage as a result from the use of these counterfeit links.

If you have any questions regarding purchase or quality of our ELCUT Thermal-links, please contact us.

We have distinguished ourselves from the counterfeits, and have created a list of authorized agents and distributors. Please contact us if you have any questions or to verify between authorized and unauthorized distributors, and genuine ELCUT thermal fuses from their counterfeits.

It is our great pleasure to provide you with reliable thermal-links, and value your continued patronage with our products.


Uchihashi Estec Co.,Ltd.

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