Thermal links ( Caution)

If the stipulations indicated in the standard specifications are not strictly observed, Thermal links may function at temperatures lower than functioning temperatures shown in the standard specifications, or they may  not function at all even if they exceed the functioning temperatures. Problems resulting from improper use of Thermal links are the responsibility of users, and not of Uchihashi Estec.


1  The electrical rating and rated functioning temperatures of Thermal links are prescribed.

Use Thermal links within the rating ranges.


2 Install Thermal links so that their temperatures do not continuously exceed the maximum use temperature indicated in the ratings table for each product series.


3  Do not use Thermal links in special conditions, where the use of ordinary electrical equipment such as consumer electronics and electronic office equipment is not appropriate. For example, the use in liquids, in organic solvent, in environments of corrosive gases (many sulfurous acid gas and nitrogen oxide gas), in high or low pressure, in high humidity, or in flammable environments shall be prohibited. Under such conditions, Thermal links may function at temperatures lower than the functioning temperatures or they may not function even if they exceed the functioning temperatures because of hermetically damaged epoxy resin caused by its deterioration.

4  Thermal links are developed under the assumption that will used in ordinary electrical equipment such as consumer electronics and electronic office equipment. Do not use them in aeronautical equipment, life-support equipment and other machinery for medical purposes, equipment used for engine control in transportation machinery, or in nuclear power equipment.

5  To have Thermal links function as they should, users must select the Thermal links suited to each piece of equipment, and properly choose the positions and methods for installation. Users themselves should decide which type to install in each kind of equipment, and should avail themselves of not only information offered by Uchihashi Estec, but also,their own tests, to confirm that their selections are the best.

Concerning these confirmations tests, make sure to perform the tests a sufficient number of times on the end products and to respect these tests under both normal and abnormal conditions.


6  Care must be taken, when designing, for the fact that self-temperature rise by energizing will cause Thermal links to function under less ambient temperature.


7  Long-term exposure under high-temperature environment may cause Thermal links to fuse off improperly due to Thermal deterioration. Therefore, using Thermal links at as low temperature as possible will be recommended. Maximum use temperature is the temperature at which we make sure improper function after specified time do not occur.


When used in special conditions described in above item c) or d), please consult a sales person of Uchihashi Estec.