Thermal links (Other caution)

Quality Control Cautions

Inspect Thermal links after delivery for any damage during shipment. Before and after installing Thermal links in end products, check their electrical resistance. X-ray inspection will enhance the reliability of quality control.

Storage conditions of ELCUT Thermal links must be kept within 5℃ to 35℃ and Relative humidity 30% to 75%. Storage place must be free from quick atmospheric change (in temperature and/or humidity), direct sun, vibration and/or impact.

Please observe the cautions in this application instructions. If a Thermal links is not properly used, it may function at a temperature lower than its functioning temperature, or it may not function even if it exceeds its functioning temperature.

Repair and replacement

(1) Thermal links are not repairable.


(2) Replacement of Thermal links is not recommended, because, insulation characteristics and other safety characteristics of the equipment may have been affected by the excessive heat. Replacement of functioned Thermal links must be made by the customer’s risk ensuring following conditions:


  • Replace with the same manufacturer’s same Thermal links having the same type No.
  • Install the Thermal links in exactly the same way.
  • The cause/reason of the Thermal links function is cleared completely.
  • Insulation characteristics and other safety characteristics of the equipment are not decreased.

      Resistance to tracking

      Resistance to tracking depends on type of the Thermal links. Please feel free to contact our sales department for further information including resistance to tracking.

      Interrupting current (Ib)

      Interrupting current (Ib) is designated with 1.5 × Rated current.


      Overload transient current(Ip)

      Overload transient current (Ip) is designated with 15 × Rated current.