1. Rating

Please see a label on packing.


2. Cautions to be observed when designing for use of Thermal links.

(1) Do not install Thermal links where it may be subjected to severe or continuous vibration.

(2) For sealing-in with impregnating fluids or use of cleaning solvents, investigation (trial tests) with prototypes and initial products is required to ensure that intended sealing or cleaning does not affect marking and function of the Thermal links for each individual application.


3. Cautions to be observed when installing Thermal links

(1) When bending leads, hold between Thermal links body and bend, and bend slowly. Do not bend leads within 3mm from body. Never bend leads when Thermal links is hot from soldering.


4. Soldering and Welding cautions

(1) After soldering, wait at least 30 sec. before resoldering, taping, securing or repositioning the Thermal links.

(2) On final positioning of Thermal links, after soldering, do not place stress (push or pull or twisting) on leads at entrance to Thermal links body.

(3) Keep lead length as long as possible.

(4) When Thermal links’s internal material is found on the surface after installation, replace it with new one even if the resistance value may be normal.

(5) The sealant of Thermal links becomes soft with high temperature. When Thermal links body is warm from soldering, never pull, push or twist leads.


5. Repair and replacement

(1) Thermal links is not repairable. Thermal links small in size and not intended to be replaced.

(2) Replacement of Thermal links is not recommended, because, insulation characteristics and other safety characteristics of the equipment may have been affected by the excessive heat. Replacement of functioned Thermal links must be made by the customer’s risk ensuring following conditions.

(a)Replace with the same manufacturer’s same Thermal links having the same Type No.

(b) Install the Thermal links in exactly the same way.

(C)The cause/reason of the Thermal links function is cleared completely.

(d)Insulation characteristics and other safety characteristics of the equipment are not decreased.


6. Resistance to tracking

Proof tracking index is 250.


7. Interrupting current (Ib)

1.5 times rated current


8. Transient overload current (Ip)

15 times rated current




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