Thermal links

Thermal links glossary

  • Functioning Temperature

    The temperature at which the thermal links opens (fuses off) while passing 0.1 amp. or less in a controlled oil bath at arise of 1℃ per minute. The functioning temperature is not the Rated Functioning Temperature.

  • Holding Temperature (Th)

    The maximum temperature of the thermal links at which it will not change its state of conductivity for 24H at the rated current.

  • Maximum Temperature Limit (Tm)

    The highest temperature of the thermal links at which continuity does not occur for 10 minutes after the function of the thermal links.

  • Maximum Use Temperature

    The highest temperature of the thermal links at which it does not function or the functioning temperature does not become higher remarkably after being exposed for certain amount of time.

  • Rated Current (Ir)

    The allowable maximum current which the thermal links is able to carry.

  • Rated Functioning Temperature

    Rating of the functioning temperature based on safety standards. Tolerance of rated functioning temperature is +0, -10℃ for IEC 60691. Tolerance for METI is ±7℃ except some types.
    ELCUT Thermal links are rated to satisfy those requirements.

  • Rated Voltage (Ur or Vr)

    The allowable maximum voltage which can be applied to the thermal links.

  • Thermal links

    Thermal links is a safety device which open circuits against overheat. It detects the heat caused by the over-current due to short circuit or component breakdown.

  • Thermal element

    Fusible alloy