Thermoprotector with resistor (Other caution)

Cautions to be observed for storage and transportation

  1. Do not store and transport EC at higher than 60℃. Avoid direct sunlight.
  2. Handle EC with care. Do not apply strong shock and vibration.

Cautions to be observed for quality control

  1. Carry out incoming inspection for EC to check any damage during shipment.
  2. Measuring electric resistance with a low ohm meter in addition to appearance test is recommended for checking any damage during shipment, by soldering or welding.


  1. Do not use EC in liquids, or in environments of corrosive gases. Make sure that it does not become wet with condensation or others. Under above environments, EC may not function properly due to deteriorations of materials.
  2. Do not use EC in aeronautical equipment, life-support equipment or nuclear power equipment.

Important caution

Users of EC are asked to decide an appropriate method for the use of EC in accordance with the user’s applications. Any responsibility related to it shall be borne by the users.

Resistance to tracking

Contact our sales department for further information.

Interrupting current (Ib)

Interrupting current (Ib) is designated with 1.5 ×Rated current.

Transient overload current (Ip)

Transient overload current (Ip) is designated with 15 ×Rated current.